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Data Skills Taught by You for You

We keep YOU in mind when picking our tutorial topics. Our contributors are out there hustling in the real world working their real jobs. They bring that experience and context into these tutorials.

From digital marketing skills like Google Analytics to learning how to create tables in a database, we have you covered!
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What to Expect

Not only will you be prominent skills for any data, marketing, or Excel-based role, you will get to learn some inside tips and tricks from real world and relatable instructors.

  • No more snooze-fest videos here. We make sure that tutorials include useful information with a little pep in their step.

  • Our contributors are hustling IRL in the field so you can expect relevant topics and teachings.

  • Topics and courses that are prevalent in many job postings so you can advance your career.

Foundational Series

  • Python Foundational Series

    Taught by Ellaine, a workforce analyst and Python enthusiast. She breaks down the foundational concepts that really helps you feel confident when coding.

  • SQL Basics

    SQL is a must-know data skill if you are getting into this field. Haley first explains the basic concepts of relational databases so that you are no longer just nodding along when they say RDMS.

  • Advanced Google Data Studio

    Sarah Anne breaks down using custom calculations in GDS so that you can level up your dashboards.


Feel like you belong at the table. No more nodding along and smiling talking about something you don’t know. You'll go from beginner to data lover in no time!

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